Mind, Body, Spirit Sister Circle

As a mom, I know how challenging it can be to make time for yourself. Between work, building a business, taking care of your children and home, and being a partner/spouse/friend/daughter, you have a lot going on. I get it. And you want to begin taking care of yourself, learn how to stress less, and put yourself at the top of your to-do list (or at least in the top 3), but you're not sure how -- or when.
Well, now you have the Mind, Body, Spirit Sister Circle to help!
Every month, we will engage in soulful self-care that includes gentle yoga, meditation and deep breathing, affirmations, intention setting, and self-development. Plus, you'll be able to gather and connect with other like-minded women!
Through these gatherings, you will be able to:
  • tap into your inner peace and calm (that you'll carry into your everyday life).
  • indulge in the positive energy of like-minded women
  • set intentions and goals that are best for you and your values
  • increase your self-awareness (because this is the first step to improvement)
  • practice self-care by focusing on YOU
  • get on the path to becoming the woman you were meant to be

What People Are Saying About Black Girl's Guide to Calm

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"I wanted to say a huge thank you for being a light in the dark for me and my sisterhood! Your book, "The Black Girl's Guide to Calm" has been a Godsend for myself and my coworkers in the workplace...thank you so much again!"

"I've attended Mind, Body, Soul Yoga with with Jamie on Sundays. Having her to facilitate the sessions as well as a small community to de-stress alongside is something I really find value in. Each week, I left light, relaxed, and calm."

"I'm trying hard to get down with this meditation thing, and I'm so glad to have these videos to help me with my practice. I'm going to try to include a few minutes of meditation at the end of every day."

Join The 1st Mind, Body, Spirit Sister Circle!

I am safe and secure. (Root Chakra Affirmation)
If you don't know, chakras refer to the wheels of energy throughout our bodies in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. There are 7 main chakras that align the spine, starting at its base and through to the crown of the head. Because they affect our psychological, emotional,and spiritual states of being, it's important that the chakras stay open, fluid, and aligned.
Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is associated with our safety and security, feeling grounded, our basic needs. When it's blocked, you might feel all over the place/restless, insecure, worried, and anxious.
In January's circle, we will focus on balancing and healing the root chakra through yoga, meditation/affirmations, and journaling!

Here are the deets: 
When: Sunday, January 21st; 9:30-11 AM
Where: Empowrment Zone (775 Woodruff Rd., #D)
Investment: $15 (in advance)/$20 (at the door)
What to Bring:
  • Yoga mat
  • Journal or notebook
Attendees will receive a digital guided meditation for the root chakra, and when you sign up before 1/20, you also get a crystal for the root chakra!

About The Creator

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

Hey there! I'm Jamie, your Calm Coach and founder of Black Girl's Guide to Calm. My journey to finding my calm started back in 2014, a few months after I had my daugher, Nailah. I was trying to balance being a new mama, a wife, and an entrpreneur -- and I felt I didn't have enough help from my husband. On top of feeling stressed out and frustrated, I felt guilty because I couldn't do it all. I was overwhelmed, I was miserable, and I was disappointed.

Ultimately (and fortunately), I had an a-ha moment (as Oprah calls it). I knew it was time to do something to feel better, not only mentally and emotionally but physically, too. So, I started working on myself: I journaled to figure out what I wanted and wrote new affirmations around how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be. I also searched for more strategies online (because that's what I do), and that ultimately led me to re-starting my meditation practice. And as cliche as it sounds -- it changed my life! 

Through the Mind, Body, Spirit Sister Circle, my goal is to not only help you overcome your overwhelm and find your calm, I also want you to be empowered to live a life you love and become the woman you are meant to be.

I look forward to connecting with you! ❤