Meditation Monday with #Blackgirlcalm

Find Your Calm In A Few Minutes A Week!

"The peace we need is always present, it's just that we have forgotten where it is and how to find it." - Clare Wilde

As a mom and entrepreneur who has a lot going on daily, I get how difficult it can be to carve out time for your calm. And I know for some of you, it might be even more challenging to actually meditate. You might feel you don't know how to do it "correctly, that you won't ever learn how to keep your mind clear, or that it won't do anything for you.

Well, let me tell you how meditation has helped me...

My Journey

My journey to finding my calm started back in 2014, a few months after I had my daugher, Nailah. I was trying to balance being a new mama, a wife, and an entrpreneur -- and I felt I didn't have enough help from my husband. On top of feeling stressed out and frustrated, I felt guilty because I couldn't do it all. I was overwhelmed, I was miserable, and I was disappointed.

Ultimately (and fortunately), I had an a-ha moment (as Oprah calls it). I knew it was time to do something to feel better, not only mentally and emotionally but physically, too. So, I started working on myself: I journaled to figure out what I wanted and wrote new affirmations around how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be. I also searched for more strategies online (because that's what I do), and that ultimately led me to re-starting my meditation practice. And as cliche as it sounds -- it changed my life! 

And now, as I'm dealing with some difficulties and changes in my personal life, meditation has been one of the top ways I've been able to stay centered, grounded, and at peace.





Introducing...#MeditationMonday with #Blackgirlcalm!

Why Meditation?


  • Lessens your stress and calms your mind
  • Helps you stay focused and in the moment
  • Brings your mind, body, and spirit in harmony
  • Helps you create a more positive mindset
  • Develops your intuition


If you're ready to overcome your overwhelm and start feeling more calm, happiness, and relief, join me for meditation every Monday at 9PM Eastern! Each week, we'll meet virtually for 20 minutes of guided meditation and inspiration. 

These classes are for you if you:

  • Want to begin a meditation practice and need some guidance.
  • Are ready to become consistent with your practice.
  • Know it's time for you to overcome your overwhelm and find your calm.

Your Investment

*  $10 per class or  (with access to the recording). 

*  $30 per month (with access to the live class and all recordings).