#CalmTip: June 30, 2015

  We often cause stress in our own lives by trying to make things how we think they should be instead of how they are. For the most part, you can’t control outside circumstances — you can only control you. You can’t control how much traffic there is or if there’s a long line at […]

10 Quotes to Remind You to Be More Mindful

  Mindfulness is the intentional yet gentle effort to be present with your experience in a nonjudgmental way. It means living in the moment and being right here, right now with a conscious, purposeful awareness of the present moment. You’re not dwelling in the past nor focused on the future unless you’re doing so with […]

#CalmTip: June 23, 2015

  Journaling is a great way to decompress and get out of your head. Have trouble journaling? Write about how you feel and try to figure out why. Don’t worry about your grammar or spelling; just let it flow. Then, write about how you want to feel and what you can do to start feeling […]

My Nighttime Routine

  Last week, I wrote about creating a routine for when you get up in the morning. This week, I want to talk about how to create a routine before you go to bed. Now, I have to admit, this is something I still struggle with. I think it’s because I work from home with […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

#CalmTip: June 16, 2015

  If you have a hard time making time yourself and making your needs a priority, put it on your to-do list! That way, you’re more likely to actually do whatever you need to take care of you. “It” could be working out, meditating, reading a book for 15 minutes before bed, doing yoga, taking a […]

Creating A Morning Routine That Works

  Do you start your day stressed, rushed, and overwhelmed? Maybe you need to create a morning ritual. It helps set the tone for a productive, calm, and overall more successful day. I’ve found that when I do certain things right after I wake up, I feel a lot better during the day. Now, that’s not to […]

Mantras for Meditation (and daily life)

  When meditating, you can focus on your breath, the space between your thoughts, observe your thoughts, or you can focus on a word, or an affirmation/mantra. A mantra is a “sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating.” (Merriam-Webster.com). And according to Chopra.com, the word mantra has two parts: man, the […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

12 Quotes to Inspire You to Meditate

  Whether you’re a beginner practitioner of meditation or you’ve been doing it for many years, it can sometimes be hard to make the time to do so, especially when you have a lot going on in your life. Hopefully, these quotes will inspire you to begin or continue your meditation practice: “The quieter you […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

How to Create a Gratitude Journal (and Why You Should)

  I can’t remember when I first heard of gratitude journals, but I started keeping one back in 2008. That year, I’d graduated from college and had really gotten into reading self-help books, which is where I learned about the power of gratitude, affirmations, visualization, and the Law of Attraction. So, I started writing down […]