Black Girl's Guide to Calm

Trusting the Process of Life

As I mentioned on social media a few weeks ago, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. My husband and I are currently separated. And while I was hurt and taken aback by the way it happened, I’m not totally surprised by what happened because we’d grown apart and had our issues (and I’d actually […]

Guided Meditation for Self-Love & Self-Worth

Having a healthy sense of self-love and self-worth are two important aspects of feeling whole, joyful, and a peace. Self-love can also bring your more confidence, create a more positive mindset, and allow you to better handle life’s challenges. This video shares a guided meditation to help increase your self-love and self-worth because: “You are […]

Guided Meditation to Get Grounded

Are you feeling anxious, off-kilter and all over the place? You may need to clear/heal your root chakra so you can feel more centered. Located at the base of your spine, the root chakra relates to our sense of groundedness and safety. When it’s in balance, we feel secure, safe, stable, and positive. This guided […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

Join My Yoga Challenge: #30DaysofYoga

September is right around the corner…and that means it’s almost time for National Yoga Month, a great time for you to get started — or get back on track — with your practice. And I have the perfect way for you to do so: #30DaysofYoga, an Instagram yoga challenge! Just in case you’re like, ‘Ehh, […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

15 Simple Ways to Relax

  In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, most of us find it hard to simply relax. And a lot of times, we don’t even feel it’s necessary to do so. However, having some down time has many benefits. It: helps prevent stress from accumulating reduces general anxiety increases your energy level and helps with productivity improves […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

4 Tips for Beginner Meditators

“Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity.” – Baba Ram Dass Have you been interested in starting a meditation practice but feel overwhelmed by the thought? I get it, with all the tips and information out there, it can be difficult to just begin. In the video below, I’m sharing 4 […]


4 Crystals for Total Beginners

I first learned about crystals in 2015 while attending my friend, Trelani’s, Between Words and Water Writing Retreat. I ordered my first batch from Third Eye Naga, and I’ve pretty much been obsessed ever since. I keep them on my night stand, wear one around my neck, wear bracelets, and even carry them in my […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

10 Quotes to Inspire You to Live in the Moment

Over the past few years, I believe the Universe has been trying to teach me to live in the moment. As a daydreamer who has been developing her patience forever (it seems), being present and allowing everything to unfold the it is has not been my strong suit. I am, thankfully, getting better at it. […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

On Taking Care of My Mental Health

As a Black person in the South — and really, as a Black person in general — mental health and wellness is something rarely talked about, and when it is, you’re told to simply “pray about it” or “Jesus will fix it.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with praying if it brings you comfort and peace, […]

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

Find Your Calm Week

April is Stress Awareness Month and to celebrate — and help you stress less and find your calm — I’ve created Find Your Calm Week! It’s happeningĀ April 4th-10th, and will be hosted on Black Girl’s Guide to Calm’s Facebook page. The topics and tools I’ll be sharing: Learning Your Stressors (Monday, 8:30 PM) Meditation (Tuesday, […]