The BeCalm Digital Library

"One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm." - Catherine Pulsifer

If you're reading this, you probably have a lot going on in your life, just like I do. You're busy being a mom and/or partner, working, building a business, cooking, cleaning, taking care of loved ones, and dealing with your own personal issues. And because of this, you're probably stressed out, overwhelmed, and putting yourself and your needs on the backburner. 

This is the norm for many of us, especially mamas. And while I don't have a magic wand to make all of your stressors go away, I do know of some amazing and effective tools that will allow you to find some calm and overcome your overwhelm so you can feel more at ease, happy and whole.

I mean, yeah, you could continue on the path you're on: constantly feeling stressed, on the verge of burning out, but wouldn't it feel better to choose differently?

My Story

2014 was the year I began my journey to calm. It was a few months after having my daughter, and I was trying to find harmony between learning how to be a mom along with everything else I had going on; and I was also feeling like I didn't have enough help from my husband. And on top of feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated, I felt guilty that I couldn't do it all. Or at least not effectively (not realizing that it's okay -- and necessary -- to have help/support).

After living this way for several months, I knew I had to do something to feel -- and be -- different. I started by working on myself: I journaled to figure out what I truly wanted and wrote new affirmations around how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be. I looked for strategies online as well (I've always been a researcher). Around this time, I'd also started practicing yoga, which lead me to my meditation practice. These methods changed my life!

I now worry and stress less; it's easier for me to live in the moment and go with the flow, and I'm happier. And best of all, I have the tools I need to find my calm when I'm stressed and overwhelmed.

And I'm going to share these tools with you so you can do the same...Just keep reading. 🙂

Presenting...The BeCalm Digital Library!

Imagine having a place to go with various tools to help you overcome your overwhelm, find your calm and joy, and be inspired.

Well, now you can with the BeCalm Digital Library! Every month, you get:

  • Two guided meditations
  • One PDF yoga sequence
  • Audio (self-care, self-development, and calm) tips
  • Email access to ask your questions about creating calm

This collection of resources will:

  • Provide you with the tools you need to feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Help you find your calm, happiness, and wholeness.
  • Allow you to live from a space of peace. 
  • Get you started with your yoga, meditation, and self-care practices.

Sounds amazing, right?!


What People Are Saying

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"I love [the] content. As someone who is constantly trying to find my calm, I appreciate being able to come to [the Facebook page] for tips on how to make it happen."


"I wanted to say a huge thank you for being a light in the dark for me and my sisterhood!

"Your book, The Black Girl's Guide to Calm has been a GODSEND for myself and my coworkers in the workplace...thank you so much again!"

Tajhae B.

"Appreciate the newsletter and frequent updates! Thanks, sis, for making this platform."

"I had an amazing time [at Mind, Body, Soul Yoga]. It was my first time doing yoga, and I was super nervous. Once everything started, I felt myself relax. It was peaceful and an experience that I will never forget."

Overcome Your Overwhelm. Find Your Calm!

Black Girl's Guide to Calm

Listen, I've been where you are. And as a matter of fact, I still have moments of dealing with stress and overwhelm, because: life -- and I have a 4-year-old. So no, I'm not some expert who's been teaching on this topic for 15 years and forgotten what it's like to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I'm simply someone who's discovered what works for creating calm -- and I want to share that with you!

So, if you:

  • Know it's way past time to do something about the stress and overwhelm in your life
  • Are ready to tap into your inner peace and joy and feel whole,

The BeCalm Digital Library is perfect for you! Subscribe today to begin your journey of more inner peace and calm.