Compliments : )

"Needless to say, I was freaking ecstatic when Jamie agreed to lead the yoga and meditation sessions during my recent spiritual writing retreat. She showed up with extra mats, her own music and sound system, plenty of room for flow (my favorite kind of routine), and the ability to challenge participants of all levels. Not only is her voice calming, but her entire being has a relaxing effect. She's like walking lavender and, as long as her schedule permits, I intend to hire her for future retreats as well. Namaste and ase.

- Trelani Michelle, Spiritual Writing Coach, and creator of the Between Words and Water Writing Retreat

"Jamie's Guide to Calm is an excellent resource for those who are too often overwhelmed with their days' tasks and find themselves in that space of pouring themselves more quickly than they can refill...She offers resources regarding stress, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, affirmations, and more. If you've been curious about these practices, or maybe you started then stopped, you need this book. Happy reading!"

- Trelani Michelle, Spiritual Writing Coach, on The Black Girl's Guide to Calm

 “What I liked most about the session is you asked questions that brought me back into focus. I hadn't thought about how I'm getting left out of the equation daily, and now I'm making a bigger effort to include myself, even if only for a few minutes each day. After the session], I've made a conscious effort (most days) to have a little me time.

“The coaching session will cause participants to examine themselves: mind, body, and spirit. Many times, we lose ourselves when we have a husband and child(ren). This session brought me back into focus.” 

- Brittany Johnson on her one-on-one Calm Coaching Session