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Compliments : )

"Needless to say, I was freaking ecstatic when Jamie agreed to lead the yoga and meditation sessions during my recent spiritual writing retreat. She showed up with extra mats, her own music and sound system, plenty of room for flow (my favorite kind of routine), and the ability to challenge participants of all levels. Not only is her voice calming, but her entire being has a relaxing effect. She's like walking lavender and, as long as her schedule permits, I intend to hire her for future retreats as well. Namaste and ase.

- Trelani Michelle, Spiritual Writing Coach, and creator of the Between Words and Water Writing Retreat


“What I truly enjoy about this book is the fact that it is written in such a clear, concise, and simple way. Often times, books that speak on spirituality or wellness are written in a language that is complex and wordy, making it difficult for the reader to connect. However, because this is written in such a simple way, it can be used by any Black woman to help her find calm at any stage of life.

"This would be a good gift for any woman in your life who is dealing with stress and may be looking to improve her holistic wellness.” 

- Ivy Felicia, The Body Relationship Coach


"Jamie has written a clear and accessible guide for maintaining your peace. In today's world of hustle and grind, this is a welcome relief."

- Hakikah Shamsiden, Teacher, Speaker, Spiritual Life and Wellness Consultant

"Thank you, Jamie; enjoyed your class. You were so patient with me, step by step. [This was my] first time in yoga, [and I] am hooked. Been looking for yoga class in Anderson."

- Melissa R., student